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    It’s all about the hair accessories

    “Take time to do what makes your soul happy!”

    Hi my angels! I am on a roll at the moment, which I am embracing with open arms. I feel motivated and inspired and all I want to do from the moment I wake up is to work and create. I know that I can loose that motivation anytime, because of the situation my mood and drive changes everyday, and I am trying not to punish myself for that. I am allowing myself to feel what I feel, but I also do what I can to break out of it if I feel down.
    I hope my latest blogpost with 15 ideas on what to do when you feel down could help some of you angels to put that smile back on your face. It sure help me – so every time I feel a bit “fragile” I look at the list and I try to make myself feel better – and it truly helps.

    I am therefor loving every moment right now. I am super happy, feeling well rested and I feel super excited because I have so many new posts coming your way the next many days! Yay

    Today’s post is all about accessories and especially hair pieces. It’s something that’s super popular this summer and something you will see me wearing almost daily. I have doing this lockdown re-gained my love for my natural curls, and I wonder why I haven’t worn it naturally curly like this before? That is 100 % going to change, because I am trying to grow my hair out a bit, which is why I do not want to use any heating tools on it, and after I’ve washed my hair I let it air dry. By having a break from styling tools I can see how positively my hair is reacting to it – my curls are getting prettier and week by week I see them finding their natural curl again. I can just imagine what 6 months like this could do to my hair, wow. I will do by best to keep this going, which is also why I love all these hair accessories.

    Shop beautiful hair accessories here:

    Hair accessories are a great way to twist up any look. I especially have a thing for silky scarfs – I use them countless ways. I would use them as belts, as a hair tie, as a little bow in my hair, I braid it into my hair, I use it as a belt, around my neck and on my straw bags. There are so many ways to use it, and I am considering doing a little IGTV video about different ways to style it? Above you see some of my favourites. Especially Free People have the best options!

    Shop beautiful hair accessories here:

    Cardigans are another must-have this summer! I ADORE cardigans, and especially knitted once. I have the past couple of weeks been so lucky to be gifted two, and I am living in them daily. I use them with dresses, jeans and my cosy loungewear leggings. See some of my top picks above.

    Today I am planning on going to a 4km run. I have found a stunning route by the water, and it’s the perfect distance for me. Then I will do a few home exercises and then I am going to spend the rest of the day working on my up and coming brand Gaïa. I haven’t really been working on it for weeks now, so it feels great having the time and headspace to do so today. Later today I am planning on baking a new cake recipe for you angels and yesterday I received more clay, so I started a new sculpture I might work on when I need a break from the laptop.

    Some days it feels like I have been given another 5 hours, but I guess here I do not have to commute around to meeting etc, plus the moment I wake up I start blogging and creating content – so I guess I do not “waste” any time? Do you feel that way too. I have also already finished off lots of editing, and I have been catching up on the phone with my brother. 

    Feeling like you are accomplishing something and moving ahead with new projects etc is a wonderful feeling, and by being productive motives me even more..

    A few summer favourites I have an eye on:

    P.S: as you beauties know, my links may be affiliate links, so if you do like something featured in this post and choose to buy it, then on some occasions I may receive a small commission from the brand as a thanks! Usually this is via blogger affiliate websites like rewardStyle, and if you would like to hear more, head over to for more info!

    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    8th maj 2020



    El look es genial, estás ideal
    Besos y te esperamos

    Absolutely love this, such great picks! Gorgeous images as always too! x

    I really adore hair accessories, they complete even the simplest outfit!
    Miki x