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    Feeling the Tomboy look

    I’ve always been a little bit of a tomboy!

    I’ve grown up with two active and sporty brothers there always loved to be outdoorsy and of course fight for fun – like all brother do. When I look back, I feel so grateful that I have grown up amongst two strong and loving brothers there wasn’t afraid to challenge me, and fight me like as if I was one of the boys. I have lost a lot of fights – especially against my twin brother. Yesterday I watched a commercial that made me tear up in laughter. It was a charming little kid that farted in his little brothers face while he passed by, and gosh I can relate. I’ve been there.. I know the boys will laugh and say “that never happened” – but gosh oh boy it did, on a daily basis! It was never fun, and yes I screamed – I screamed LOUD, but thanks to them I am more robust and I have learned not to take any bullshit from anyone, and I know I can fight back if needed, haha!

    I learned to drive a scooter, climb the trees, play all kinda ball games and not be afraid of getting my hands dirty. 

    Thanks to my two wonderful brothers we’ve always had the house full, and our house was never quite. For these reasons there’s always been a little tomboy hidden inside of me – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Although I adored growing up with my two brothers – it wasn’t always easy. I remember myself begging my mother at one point if I could get a younger sister, haha! Not knowing at that age, that you couldn’t just “pop one out” just like that. And after having twins my parents must have felt – ok this is it, haha! I think that’s why I have since I was a teenager dreamed of having a girl myself one day. I would love to have a big family myself, and thankfully my man feels that way too!

    Girly girl or tomboy? I love clothes for exactly that reason, that you can dress after how you feel. Some days I love being a girly girl, and other days I just want to feel relaxed and cosy in a tomboy’ish look. Nothing in my opinion beats a good pair of classic trousers and an oversized blazer. If you ask my man, I difinently own my fair share of oversized blazers – I guess it has over the years become a bit of a wardrobe must have (or should I say  wardrobe obsession) of mine, and nothing can make me more excited than when I find a new cool blazer with shoulder pads. (Which is why I especially love to find them secondhand). 

    Shop the perfect tomboy’ish look here:

    My beloved Asos is always a go-to platform for me when I shop online, but I must admit that both Other Stories and Arket does really well when it comes to classic and timeless pieces. The trench coat I am wearing in this blogpost is new – I bought it secondhand in my favourite vintage store on Brick Lane here in London. It’s got the perfect oversized fit, and the big shoulders that you guys know I love. Here’s you see some more pieces that I am crushing on at the moment.

    More classic tomboy’ish items I would love to own:

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    19th februar 2020