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    Flowers on my mind

    “Forever is composed of nows!”

    Find my lovely green summerdress from Very HERE.

    Morning my angels! The past couple of months I have been focusing more on living in the moment and each day when I wake up I look around and appreciate all the small things, because gosh we all have a lot of things to feel grateful for although especially now doing this pandemic it is easier to overlook. I also wrote this in yesterday’s instagram post but life is just so much better when you start the appreciate the little things. This time have taught me more than ever what a privileged it is to simply be alive, fit and healthy..

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    If you don’t know Very then you should defiantly check them out. Very have got lots and lots of super adorable dresses, tops and skirt options here for summer. I am especially crushing on maxi dresses, and then I love a bit of soft prints and details. In this post I have linked to some of my favourites. See more options further down this post <3 AND click HERE to find direct link to my adorable summer hat.

    I have found it really interesting to see how this time have completely turned my regular day to day life up and down. Where I would normally run around London, start every morning at my favourite barre class and then run from meeting to meeting, see photographers and plan up and coming projects.

    It was tough leaving London. Our home, and I miss our flat extremely much, and then suddenly having to feel “home” in my suitcase again which I finally was so happy to put behind me for a while. My way to stay sane in all of this – and how I still function after 11 weeks living out of my suitcase is by sticking to a routine to keep my productivity high, stay motivated and to take care of myself. Days where I didn’t write a to-do list I felt more “lost” and confused. Now my morning exercise is a must, even if it’s just 30 minutes, it makes such a difference to my mental health.

    It is also crazy how much a daily walk mean to me now. I have always loved to go on a walk with my man around London, but its been interesting to see and feel doing this time just how much it means to us to go outside. It’s the time of the day where I felt “free” and my walks  have shown me that the Earth keeps spinning and time, does move forward. Life goes on, and that’s what is so beautiful about this world.

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    Once a day my man and I prioritise going on a walk together, and it truly is the highlight of my day. We throw the ball for the dogs and listen to the waves. The other day we took the blanket outside and sat in the field, and enjoyed the sun. I loved dressing up in my new summery Very dress and dressed it down for everyday use with my white Converse. You can find a direct link to my dress HERE. I adore the ruffle details, the puffy sleeves and the long length – which is not too long. It is the loveliest dress I have and I already can not wait to wear it tomorrow for my birthday..

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    Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    20th May 2020