A little glimpse into my daily life

    Flying high above the sky

    “Bird’s flying high, you know how I feel… Sun in the sky, you know how I feel… breeze drifting on by, you know how I feel..” 

    Those words, as famous and inspiring as they are, made so legendary by the wonderful Nina Simone and Michael Bublé were still not enough to comfort me as I stepped up to the first zipline of the day.

    Here I was 2000ft above the Whistler ground, 1600ft above the tallest tree tops, and to round it off, a majestic Canadian Brown bear was just spotted beneath us at the Creek fishing for dinner.

    So, you may be wondering how on earth did little old me, as someone who hates heights, get here?

    And as I asked myself the same question (slightly shaking) I looked over to my left shoulder to see him chuckling away to himself – although quite nervously.

    I think Fergus was more scared of my reaction than the zipline. Haha! (I would have been if I were him)

    It’s true. As so many of us have done so on holidays, I let my man take the lead in booking activities here in wonderful Whistler and within 24 hours I was standing here looking down over endless forest beneath my feet. 

    I wonder how many of you have found yourself in a similar position, slightly out of their comfort zone because of their loved ones? 

    So, I take off… hold on for dear life, and the rattling of the cable above my head is the only sound I have for company on this 1km ride into the abyss. 

    “Life begins outside of your comfort zone”

    After 400 metres or so, whilst coming to terms with my near death experience, I actually found myself thinking… and surprisingly thinking with genuine clarity. 

    How much of life is made up of those moments that you would have never done if it wasn’t for that best friend, a coercing partner, a naughty sibling, or some adolescent mischief? 

    How many of the safe and mundane moments do we reeeally remember? What is living if your heart isn’t beating like mine is now?

    Quite literally 100 questions passed through my mind as I picked up speed towards the bottom. 

    I think so many of the questions I asked myself whilst staring at beautiful Blackcomb Mountain go passing by, actually relate back to this big uncertain step in my life that I’m going through and that so many of us go through in our 20s. 

    Big changes and big decisions can cause ripples of apprehension and uncertainty about your future and the perfect life plan you have in your head. 

    For me, travelling with no base whilst being constantly on the road since February has been such a huge leap outside of my comfort zone, and certainly something I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for the bearded man zooming past me on the left hand zipline (laughing his head off!). 

    I’m a small town girl, and I’ll admit it, the big bad world does sometimes scare me. 

    It’s uncertain out there, tough things can happen, there are so many things that can go wrong, I miss my friends and family and some of the smaller things in life, but that’s ok to feel like that.

    “What happens if things go wrong? How do I stay on track with life? Where is my landing point/stability? What happens next (now I’ve jumped)? Am I on my own out here?”

    So many of these questions can be linked back to the metaphor of taking this amazing zipline and are all things that I believe are so normal to question.

    So, as I try to answer some of my own niggling questions whilst my life almost goes in slow-mo on this stainless steel line above the Canadian forest, the landing point comes into view with our smiling host waving at me to prepare for the braking. With a big jolt, I come to a surprisingly pleasant stop and a huge smile comes to my face. 

    I did it… and survived! 

    We carry on the fantastic trip with the team at The Adventure Group, and instead of fearing the next ziplines, the experience of the previous (and most daunting jump) made me embrace and even enjoy the whole experience and the freedom it gave me. 

    Again, on reflection, I really did take something away from conquering the panic that I felt initially and can once more liken that to life in our twenties. 

    It’s so true in saying that our worst or most daunting experiences actually give you the greatest gift of true/real life experience. 

    Whether that’s a bad relationship, a difficult financial time, job hunting, moving home or City, making new friends or simply finding out who you really are – once you have made it out the other side and to your ‘landing point’, those difficult moments will never phase you the way they once did, and you will own them next time you encounter them.

    And for that reason, that is exactly why the sweaty palms, the deep breaths, nervous laughing during this breathtaking experience with The Adventure Group was worth more than just an activity for me. 

    Sometimes we (especially me) need a huge dose of self exploration and adventure outside our comfort zone to see certain things in our life for what they actually are. 

    So on that note, if there is one thing that this wonderful experience has taught me it’s that; sometimes you just have to jump whilst every part of your body is telling you not to, and for better or worse, enjoy the amazing ride… as one thing is for sure, there will usually be a smiling/laughing/supporting partner, family member or friend zooming right up behind you to help you on your journey.
    Head out there and explore your limits with a big smile on your face. 

    As I relaxed back at the TAG Whistler camp having gained a new perspective and (nearly) conquered my fear of heights (and bears), I think it’s safe to sing those lyrics in my head;

    “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me…..and I’m feeling gooooood!”

    Lots of love from your girl
    Isabella xxx

    26th maj 2019



    Wonderfully inspiring post and so true.. thank you x