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    Happy December my angels

    “If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard!”

    Happy December my lovely followers! We have officially stepped into the most festive season of the year! I have been looking forward to this month to be honest. My first December in our new home with Fergus! It feels surreal and like a dream to come true to call this place our home. At the beginning of this year I had no idea even what country we were going to live in. It’s been a full on year with numerous of trips and lifetime adventures but what I am the most happy and happy excited about is our new flat in West London.

    Ever single day when I wake up in the morning I am grateful for calling this wonderful and bright place our home. We are both healthy and happy and so is both of our families which is all we could ever wish for. 

    Home is truly where he is, and this year have proven that to me. London is where I want to be – maybe not forever, but at least for now and the next couple of years. 

    Our home has got such a great atmosphere. I have never felt unsafe here and it got the most homey feel. We have also both of us put a lot of time and effort into making it ours by moving all our own furnitures from both Durham and London. The Chester-drawer in the hallway was his parents and the chairs in the living room my parents gifted us, which makes me feel very happy and grateful every time I look at them. It gives our home and decor a deeper meaning and history which is really important to me! 

    Watch my newest December video here:

    I have wanted to get going with my YouTube videos, which is why I’ve shared a new one with you angels. It’s all about Christmassy baking. I am THE biggest banana bread lover, and in this video I am sharing with you my all time favourite Banana Bread recipe. I really hope you like it! In the video I explain step by step what you should do. It’s fast, easy at doesn’t take you more than an hour and a half.

    Do let me know if you decide to bake it – I’ll love to hear your feedback!

    We recently purchased a new bed for our main bedroom and I love it. It’s a bit hard to photograph and looks much better in real life, but I’m happy we waited to buy it till we found the right one. I’ve been searching for months and months! Will share it with you in one of my next blogposts.

    Seeing our home come together is such an unbelievably amazing feeling! Never had I ever imagined how much this home means to the both of us..

    Today Fergus and I are flying to Switzerland with a brand. He came home Sunday night from a fun weekend in Durham and I was so excited to have him back home. I love having my Isabella-time but then I can’t wait to have him back. 

    This week have been magical so far, and in my next YouTube video you’ll understand why. My bother and his girlfriend is in London and Fergus and I got to see them yesterday! It was a day I’ll always remember..

    I hope you’ve had a great start to your December angels! I am loving being at home cuddling up with a cup of tea, the music is playing in the background and all my Christmassy ferry lights and candles are lit!

    Lots of love your

    Isabella xxx

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    So beautifully decorated! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year darling x

    Hi Isabella,
    I’ve been following your blog for YEARS now and you’ve inspired me to visit England (from the United States) and I’m coming in April! If you could recommend one neighborhood to visit/stay in , what would it be? I already have Shoreditch on my list because of you frequently reference it (and I think we have similar tastes) but I would love to know your advice. I can’t wait to see all the places I’ve been reading about for so long. Happy New Year and I look forward to following along for the next decade. xoxo -Bri