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    Let’s write some letters to the once we miss

    “It’s the thought that counts!”

    It it almost unbearable at times how much I miss my family and friends. I think this time makes you reflect and miss friends and family even more than you usually would, since you can not be with them and the fact that your day feels much longer than it did before gives you extra time to miss them even more. Knowing that you can not even travel home to see them if you wanted makes you feel miles and miles away. I know I am lucky that I am not stuck alone in London, so I have absolutely nothing to complain about – but that doesn’t mean that I can not miss the once I love.

    Doing my crazy London life I pretty much always had each day filled with meetings and event from morning to night, so it’s a bit unusual for me to suddenly have whole days weeks and not months like this cleared out with no events and meetings to attend. For weeks I have been really restless and I have been feeling guilty every time I’ve tried to relax – but why? I should be allowing myself to take it slow and actually enjoy this time that I have been given with my wonderful man and his family. It is a time together that we will never get back, so it’s about making the most of it, but at times I find it very difficult because the future is very blurry. I can’t help but miss our “old” London life in our gorgeous little flat. I know that the time will com back again, so I am working hard each day to change my mindset to think more positive. Are any of you angels struggling with these thoughts as well?

    One thing that makes me really happy is doing things for the once I love. When I know they are happy, that makes me happy too – and especially if I am the one making that smile even bigger, it is such a rewarding feeling. My mother is amazing at surprising me. She always sends me wonderful parcels and letters no matter where in the world I am – and there’s just nothing that can be compared to the feeling og receiving a letter from someone you love. It’s the thought that someone have been sat at home thinking of you and putting the time and effort into writing to you – that is a very beautiful thing to do for someone, and I feel like we have lost that a lot – especially our younger generations are not very good at that anymore.

    A text message and a phone call means the world too – but there’s something very rewarding and romantic in receiving or writing a letter to someone.. 

    One of the personal goals I have set myself is that now since we are in lockdown and have more time than usual, I want to paint and write a letter to some of my closest friends and family to let them know just how much they mean to me. I have sent two letters with paintings of so far, and today my goal is to write two more.

    It is also a very good exercise for your mind. You get to switch off from social media etc. and reflect on what’s going on in your head and connect with your feelings to the person you write to. I get very emotional every time I sit down and write to someone, but I truly love it. It’s like painting for me – but just extra rewarding because you know that you are about to make someone really happy!

    I hope that with my little personal blogpost today I have helped inspire you to grab your paper and pencil, and write a personal letter to someone close to you <3 Just imagine how happy they are going to be – and all of us needs that extra bit of love at the moment. 

    Take care my angels! Lots of love your Isabella xxx

    27th april 2020



    Es precioso el post y muy inspirador
    Besos y feliz semana