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    My 2 day trip to Cardiff

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    Hi my lovely followers! My sweet friend Maria and I went on an amazing two day trip to Cardiff in Wales in collaboration with Visit Britain and Visit Wales. It was the first time both of us got to go to Wales, so we were extremely excited. We had both in advance searched and googled on where to find the best restaurants, coffee shops (important!), what attractions is a must see etc. Both of us had a little list of places we wanted to go, but we still didn’t wanted to plan too much.

    When I go on mini trips like these I always like to be prepared, so I don’t feel like I waste my time sat in a café googling where to go etc. On the other hand I don’t like to plan too many things, because that can seem a bit stressfull and overwhelming, and that’s not really the point of a little get away. A good tip is to write down the places you want to see depending on what area they are located, in that way you won’t end up wasting time on transport either.


    We took a train from London Paddington st. to Cardiff. It was super easy and didn’t take more than two short hours. From there we walked for about 10 minutes to our hotel, were we stayed at Park Inn. It was a fine hotel with a great central location. From there we could walk to everything! Just 5 minutes walk from the main shopping street with lots of restaurant choices, coffee shops and good shopping.

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    We started the day with lunch at Milgi, which is without doubt the best vegan plant based restaurant/café in Cardiff. The interior reminded me a lot about my favourite coffee spots in East London (do I need to say more, haha!) Yes it was delicioussss. We could create our own vegan bowl for just 7 pounds, and with that we went for fresh lemonade – mine with fresh raspberry’s, yummy!

    The atmosphere there were super lovely and chilled, which I always look for in a restaurant, it makes you feel more relaxed and welcome.

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    After lunch we wanted to walk to Cardiff Castle since we both had read a lot about it. It was on top of our “must see” list. We walked from the restaurant which only took us about 15 minutes. On the way we passed by Cardiff National Museum where we decided to go the next day.

    Across the museum you find the Cardiff Castle Park, which is one of the highlights from our trip. What a charming spot! The weather was lovely, birds were singing and the flowers were blooming. Here we by surprise spotted the cutest little Café called: Pettrigrew Tea Rooms.
    It was SO me, so even though we weren’t really hungry since we just had lunch we had to stop for afternoon tea.

    Sat here in the lovely park next to my lovely friend with the sun shining I couldn’t help feeling so blessed and happy. It was one of the best afternoon teas I’ve ever had. We ordered coffee and shared a delicious homemade banana cake and scones with cream and jam. Gosh it was good!

    Pettigrew tea rooms both had tables in and outdoor, but since the weather was better than imagined we of course decided to sit outside. I still can’t stop dreaming about that banana cake!


    After a delicious coffee break we walked to the Castle which is just next to the park. Here we went for a little tour and saw some of the rooms inside the Castle! What a big experience. Might be some of the most beautiful rooms I’ve ever seen.

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    The people working there tipped us about a little boat trip we could do, where you jump on the boat from the park. So we walked back to the park to join the little boat tour. It was 4 pounds per person and took you to another charming part of Cardiff with lots of restaurants, ice cream shops and a carrousel for the kids.

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    From here we took an uber back to the city centre which took less than 10 minutes. Here we explored the small arcades, they are full of small cute shops. I especially fell in love with a vintage shop called: Sobeys. Here I bought the most amazing Levi’s vintage skirt – I can’t wait to show it to you.

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    Across from Sobeys you’ll find a lovely coffee shop called: Ground Coffee Rostery. Here Maria and I ended up having a hot chocolate before heading back to the hotel to relax and change our clothes for dinner.

    For dinner we decided to go to a restaurant called Bill’s. There were so many choices where to go, but we passed by Bill’s earlier when we checked out the shops in the city centre and fell in love with the menu and cosy decor.

    Here we had a delicious meal and yummy cocktails. I can highly recommend it, and then it’s located in the middle of the shopping street, so it’s easy to find.

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    Day two we woke up early to have breakfast at our hotel before heading out. At 10am we went to Cardiff National Museum where you can explore beautiful paintings and read more about Cardiff’s history. (Not to forget to mention the most beautiful golden picture frames I’ve ever seen!!)

    From Cardiff National Museum we decided to go back to the coffee shop we discovered the day before: Ground Coffee Rostery. The coffee there looked so delicious and since we were super coffee craving it seemed like the perfect plan. AND it was. Here they do super delicious flat whites!

    Rest of the day we wondered round the shops before heading back to the train station to catch our train back to London. They run every 45 minute, which is so convenient and with an open ticket we could jump on any train suitable for us. Win, win!

    We had the best time in Cardiff, and I would love to go back to Wales again soon to explore more exciting places. I can highly recommend it, and then I just have a big love for getting out discovering places I’ve never been!

    Thank you Visit Wales & Visit Britain for this fantastic trip. We had the best time.

    Biggest hug your

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    Where is the beautiful coat from lovely? xxxx


    – Was searching for some stuff to do in Cradiff, as i’m there myself right now. I’m gonna go check it out on monday 😀


    Hej Isabella, jeg elsker din blog samt din jakke – Hvor er den fra? 🙂

    hej søde Olivia, fedt du læser med – det gør mig så glad.

    Er glad for at du kan lide den!

    Min jakker er fra hjemmesiden:

    De bedste hilsner

    I live in Cardiff and have actually never been to any of the places you mentioned! This week I’m going to become a tourist in my own city and check some of these awesome (highlight instagrammable) places out.
    Thank you the inspiration, as always!

    Georgia xxx

    Hi lovely,

    Oh no way? That’s amazing that I could then come and inspire you to new places.

    I hope you like them. I especially love the afternoon tea place on a sunny day where you can sit outside and enjoy the sun.

    Glad to have you following,

    Isabella xxx

    Looks like such a charming and picturesque place to visit! Beautiful photo diary, thank you for sharing!

    Of course love! Glad you liked the post. I really enjoyed this little mini trip <3

    Isabella xx