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    My delicious recipe for the best spring cake

    Delicious homemade raspberry cake with cocoa coconut meringue 

    My wonderful followers! Being home in Denmark with my family means good food ALWAYS. My mother is a fantastic (as in REALLY fantastic) chef and always cooks the most tasty dishes. My mom is a wonder woman! The biggest inspiration for me. I have mentioned it many times before – but I dream to be a multi talented and heartwarming mother like her one day. She is and will always be my biggest inspiration.

    She’s one of these people who is always busy and staying active. (My family is always busy doing things.. That’s just the Thordsen’s family.) Somehow it feels like my mother have been given 9 more hours a day than the rest of us. She can with her left hand whilst she host a house full of guests both do washing, tidy the house, bake a cake for all of us, already have homemade buns freshly made coffee prepared (and of course the bun’s she baked in the early morning before her run and swim in the ocean.) What I mention right now is not even close to half of what she does every day. On top of that she works full time in my parents business, plays tennis, takes care of all us three kids – which can not be easy.. And so on, and so on.

    Yep my mother is pure mother goals to me. This weekend we decided to go for a cosy picnic to one of our beautiful get–away spots just a short drive from Sønderborg. She made a lovely wooden basket full of coffee, sweets and decided to bake us a homemade cake which we could bring with us.

    I posted it in my story and asked you guys, if you wanted me to share the recipe with you all. More than 90% said yes (to you angels, you will not regret it), so here you go:

    Ingredients you need

    For your dough:

    140 g butter
    250 g suggar 
    4 egg yolk
    225 g wheat flour

    For your filling:

    300 g raspberry jam
    4 egg white
    200 g sugar
    1/2 tabel spoon cocoa
    150 g coconut flour

    Step by step

    Dough: Whip butter, egg yolks and suger. Stir in the flour and baking powder. Then mix the dough well and apply it into a tray covered in baking paper (add a tiny bit of butter on the baking paper, so that the cake won’t stik to the paper after baking) with your hands pressed the dough into the tray. The tray should be approx. 23×33 cm.

    Filling: Then apply the raspberry jam on top of the dough. Enough to cover a little layer on top of the dough (have a look at the photos above. Make sure to cover en even layer all the way out to the edges.

    Meringue: Egg whites are whipped semi-rigid, then mix in the sugar and whip till it’s stiff. Add coconut flour and cocoa powder and mix it all together. Spread the meringue evenly on the cake.

    Bake: at approx. 60 minutes at 160 degrees in an ordinary oven.

    Tip: In order to get a more beautiful cut when you cut through the cake you have to wait till it has cooled down. (We were impatient, and I always love to have a little piece straight after my cakes comes out of the oven. haha!) This is also a great cake to bake the day before an event, since it actually gets more flavourfull the day after. We always eat it with fresh berries, creme fresh or whipped creme. Yummy!

    It’s an easy and super delicious cake perfect for cosy spring days in the garden with family and friends. Enjoy it with a good cup of tea or coffee and some fresh berries and cream.

    Let me know what you think of it!
    All my love send to you
    Best your Isabella xx

    7th april 2019



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