A little glimpse into my daily life

    My wonderful day in photos

    “Always believe something wonderful is about it happen!”

    I started the day preparing some healthy breakfast chia pudding for a blogpost recipe, followed by a little 30 minutes yoga session. (Easy and tasty chia seed recipe coming up this weekend angels – you will LOVE it.)

    You guys know by now that my all time favourite place in the world to wake up, is at my parents home. Yesterday I had such a wonderful danish “hygge” day, and I thought it could be a good idea to bring my camera round with me, to shoot some in-between snaps for you all, to give you an insight of my relaxing yet very productive day here back at home in Sønderborg.

    Find my playsuit, and similar cute once here:

    I was lucky enough to get the whole day cuddling little Fred. He followed my every single step the whole day. I was babysitting him for a friend, and I got to take care of him for the whole day, and gosh I loved it – but it was also a healthy reminder for me, to not get a dog anytime soon when Fergus and I move into our new home in London in one month time. Because, I had completely forgotten just how much work a little puppy is. Haha! 

    It was such a warm and beautiful day here in Denmark, so I decided wear my beige playsuit from Storest. I am obsessed with it, and have been wearing it every day the last couple of days. It’s classy, stylish, a bit edgy and extremely comfortable! Find a direct link to it here.

    From the moment little Fred stepped through our door, he was a little happy energy ball, and straight away I had the biggest smile on my face. I had almost forgot how much love and happiness a little puppy can spread.

    I had lots of work to do on my upcoming Jewelly brand: Isabella.Thordsen.Therefor I decided to take him for a little walk, so I knew he would like a little snooze, so that I could get some work done. You can follow my exciting project on my Jewellery Instagram Account: HERE. It’s a long process coming, but I slowly feel like it’s going the right direction, and I hope by Christmas I will be able to launch my collection for you all.

    I therefore brought little Fred to my go-to café here in town called Kislings. If you are a regular follower, then this is not the first time to read, that I write highly about this place. If you ever get to my part of the world: Sønderborg. A stunning seaside Island, located just a short 20 minutes drive from Flensburg in Germany. Then you MUST visit Optica Thordsen for the coolest glasses, and then step by Kislings Café next door, and sit in their lovely outdoor garden and enjoy the best coffee in town. Lazy Dog for the best burgers, and go for a loooong beautiful walk by the water along to the castle.. It’s honestly such a magical town, and I feel so grateful having grown up a unique spot like this.

    I was hoping I got to stay here at home for a couple of weeks, but my job have jet again taking me back to London. (Thank god I am going to live there soon again, I feel so drained and tired of all this traveling and not having a base yet..) I am flying back to London on Monday for a job – and it makes me feel extremely sad and depressed knowing I again for the next two weeks are going to live out of a suitcase. At least I get to see my wonderful man on Monday, which I am so looking forward to! Hate being away from him. We have booked a little Airbnb together in lovely Noting Hill, where we are going to stay for 3 nights before going to see some of his family – AND then I am actually flying to Sweden to see some of my best friends <3 They got engaged and have bought a house in Stockholm, and I am so excited to hear everything about their new exciting chapter of their lives and see their new lovely home.

    For the rest of the day I worked away and took a little well deserved lunch break: rye bread with hard-boiled eggs, mayo and prawns – my favourite. SO yummy!..

    I am working hard every day trying to finish my last jewellery designs, get a CAD designer onboard, and planning how my logo and webshop got to look like. Also working on the packaging, visit cards etc. There are so much to do, that it almost makes me stressed just thinking about it. BUT at the same time it’s so very exciting, and I am really looking forward to having my own brand and webshop again.

    Lots of love your 
    Isabella xxx

    9th august 2019



    Hej Isabella
    Jeg er ny følger på Din blog !
    Jeg er dansker, boende i USA (liiidt udenfor NYC) og er også fra skønne Sønderborg. Jeg fik helt hjemve da jeg læste dit indlæg:)
    Skøn blog ! Love it !
    Mange Knus