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    Our weekend getaway to Cheltenham

    Singing along in the taxi from Gatwick airport, and on comes one of my favourite Ed Sheeran songs;

    “And I’ll make my way, through long winding country roads.. but my heart still beats, for my home and my English rose”

    We are on our way to Cheltenham for a weekend of fun, friends, and a stay at the wonderful No.131 and No. 38 – Cheltenham’s newest and most gorgeous boutique hotels – before a trip home… Coincidence? I ask myself.

    From the moment you make your way across the beautiful hills of the Cotswolds through the winding lanes to picturesque Cheltenham, you are soon welcomed with the sun filled entrance of a majestic Georgian Town House at No.131, and Ed’s song almost feels like it was written for this journey.

    Fergus and I were lucky to have an amazing trip to Scandinavia, and after a few days in London, we were so excited to see friends in the Cotswolds whilst experiencing what I’ve been told is ‘true English charm’.

    Upon arriving, we were also welcomed by warm smiles from the staff and a lovely English brunch in the restaurant, which actually had the best variety of Matcha latte’s I had ever seen. My personal favorite is a green matcha tea with oat milk – yummy!

    You know how much I love them!
    My Tumeric Matcha was a stunning start to the day, and after a little tour of the townhouse (which used to be a home!) and our amazing room, we headed down to the Gin and Juice bar. 

    Nr. 131 is 100% worth a visit if you go to Cheltenham. Here you can come for brunch, wine on the terrace, delicious dinner and then after go for drinks and live music in their STUNNING Gin and Juice bar. You know I love my interior, and Nr. 131 hit the nail on the head with their decor!

    As a truly English classic style on the outside of the building, when you step inside, we were blown away by the contemporary design with stylish vintage pieces to give a luxurious feel. Our bedroom featured wood panels (so beautifully British), a huge bed with antique accessories, and the most amazing period style bathroom.

    Not for the first time during this weekend, I took one long look at the bath and knew where I would be spending the evening!

    I truly love interior design, and especially after I had the chance to design the restaurant in Sonderborg  a couple of years ago, I have always taken a real interest in seeing how other people bring their ideas to live, especially with a vintage but contemporary style.

    Some of the small touches really made the difference here, with nice industrial lighting, old mirrors, (lots of) dark wood and brass, and elegant colour schemes. Immy, our smiley receptionist told us that No.131 was also a wedding and party venue, which I could only imagine would be the most amazing location for the best day of your lives.

    After unpacking with the sun still shining through our bedroom window and a few more thoughts about bubble baths and future house goals, we walked into beautiful Cheltenham to get lunch at Tavern which is also owned by The Lucky Onion.

    After soooo long travelling, both my man and I couldn’t wait for some old fashioned burgers and sweet potato fries before an evening chill.

    Walking back through the golden, sun swept town, Cheltenham reminded me of a truly traditional and seemingly happy British town, similar to Durham, York, Bath and St Andrews (that I’ve visited), and could genuinely recommend a nice weekend away there for some chill time!

    After the burger, some drinks at Gin & Juice, and a couple of movies back in our huuuuge bed, we woke up happy and ready for Sunday Bruch after a walk to the local park on our way to stay at No.38.

    Our stay at Nr. 38 The Park

    “What if we recharged ourselves as often as we did our phones?”



    “Let me tell the tale
    Of a girl who didn’t stop, Who climbed up every mountain
    Without a pause upon the top.
    She’d dance until each blade of grass
    Was clothed in drops of dew,
    And the sun knew her by name
    But the silver moon did too.
    For a fear had settled in her bones;
    A fear of sitting still,
    That if you’re not moving forward 
    It must mean you never will.
    So in time her dance got slower
    And she looked at all she’d seen,
    But found gaps inside the places
    That she’d ever fully been
    For she was a human doing
    Human moving, human seeing,
    But she’d never taken time 
    To simply be a human being.”


    Again, we got to our room on the ground floor of another magnificent Georgian Townhouse and gave each other thatlook that all couples know when you’ve landed a great hotel, but hiding your excitement – wow… 

    Right in front of us was the bathroom of my dreams, which was the size of a normal hotel room!

    Meanwhile, (1 minute later) Fergus was buried in the bed and a TV had risen out of nowhere and I could hear the faint sound of football commentary – it was a ‘me time’ afternoon with my favourite book and bath bombs.

    The weekend slipped by effortlessly in a mix of beautiful food, Matcha Latte’s, breathtaking design, sunshine, bubble baths, and blissfully comfy beds.

    Cheltenham really was the perfect location and home to two of the most perfect Townhouse conversions that we have seen.

    There truly were so many things to take away from the styling, lighting, furniture choice, and traditional design of both these stunning hotels, that I could have filled my whole Pinterest board with home inspo…

    So, to any fellow food, style, and design lovers, I can totally recommend a lovely chilled weekend with your partners in happy, sunny Cheltenham in the beautiful surroundings of No.131 and No.38 supported by their smiling staff.

    And yes, Ed was right, there’s nothing quite like a true English rose – and Cheltenham has two of them!

    Thanks a lot for reading!
    Biggest hug your girl
    Isabella xxx

    6th maj 2019



    El post es genial y las fotos preciosas
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