A little glimpse into my daily life

    Picnic my favourite summer activity

    “Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show!”

    Danish hygge tips for your summer:

    Cycle or drive around instead of taking the car

    If you go for a walk or run, try and do it without music and instead listen to your breath and the birds

    Have lots of picnic outdoors

    Instead of sitting in the coffee shop with your friend, get it to-go and enjoy your coffee whilst walking outside

    Enjoy breakfast in bed

    Stop and smell the flowers

    Lay in the grass and look at the cloud formations

    Go fruit picking

    Go for a swim in the ocean

    If I have to mention one thing that makes me unbelievably happy (the most happy!) it is spending time with my family.. Being far away from them have really made me realise how much I miss them in my everyday life, which is why I am so very grateful that my job allows me to come home to see them whenever I feel like it.

    I don’t get to see my twin brother very often, so when I do I truly make the most of it. He is a busy bee, and so am I – but when I am with him, I feel like I am whole. I feel happier, funnier and safe..

    Just look at her.. My beautiful and inspirational mother!

    I have been working lots the last couple of days, but at the same time I have got good at prioritising my time, so that I get to see my family. I have on the other hand been terrible at messaging back friends and people sending me messages and DM’s and I feel terrible about it. I have always been really bad at being on my phone (Ironic when most of my work is on it.. I know – but when it comes to my personal life I am lacking on prioritising getting back to everyone.) I want to do and see as many as I possible can when I get home, and I hate to both disappoint me and them, that I almost feel a bit anxious just thinking about opening my text messages on my phone..

    Does any of you angels know that feeling too, or is it just me? I have tried to work on it for years, and at times I am really good, but then I get terrible again. Maybe it can be caused by feeling a bit stressed and disoriented, I don’t know?

    When I sit here I can reflect, I can let go of everything nagging me. This is my safe place. My happy place! When I am home I feel like everything will be fine. I can allow myself to breath and re evaluate my choices. I feel like I am at a good place at the moment. My partner Fergus and I couldn’t be happier (miss him terribly much by the way!), and we have decided it’s time for us to build up a base together in or just outside London, depending on what we can find and what we can afford to buy. Being here in Denmark, having time to think about the decision it feels more and more right. This is what I want. I want to have a home with him that we can call ours and build up to be a loving and cosy base there will give us the same happy and safe feeling like we get when we both come home to our parents. 

    Knowing I found the man I want to build up a base with as well is a comforting feeling, and knowing he feel the exact same way makes me feel stable, whole and safe even though it a confusing time. But how wonderful is this time as well? Felling in love and about to buy our first place together is such an exciting chapter of our lives. I am more excited than ever to be back with him and having to look at properties etc.

    Life is good and I am truly SO happy. Being by the nature on this picnic makes me feel blessed! I am healthy, I have you all and this wonderful community where we can help and inspire each other. My family is healthy.. I don’t ever want to take any of this for granted.. 

    I am wearing the white jumpsuit I showed you angels in THIS blogpost (find direct link to the jumpsuit HERE), and it have become my top 3 favourite item this summer. Here’s a few links to some other once I am crushing on:

    Loft of love from delightful Denmark.

    Your Isabella xxx

    23rd juli 2019



    Da du var hjemme i sønderborg, spottet jeg dine forældres sofabord. hvor er det fra? Hilsen Henriette