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    Tomorrow is our last day in Hawaii before our next destination: San Francisco! I have truly loved our time here in Hawaii, and I am so grateful for all the memories we have created here. The people we have made and the beautiful places we have seen! I will never forget it, and I know deep in my heart that we will be back one day (maybe not for a while, but one day for sure!). Now there is other things lined up for us, and we are both thrilled for what’s up next.

    Our Hawaii journey have taught us a lot about ourself and each other. I have learned to appreciate every day, and life it to the fullest. Proper Aloha style! I feel like I have always been quite good at living spontaneously, but after being here in Hawaii I do that even more. Feel, see and get the most out of where you are with the once you have around you. Take care of our Earth. Our Earth is our playground, and every small change we help to do for the better, will in the end make a big difference. We have to say hi, smile and make contact, don’t be afraid to start conversation with strangers and before you know of it you might have made a new lifetime friend!

    On Oahu our favourite place is definitely The North Shore. Here is less crowded than down in Honolulu by the stunning Waikiki beach. We did go to Honolulu quite a lot since we really liked it, but we wouldn’t have changed our location for anything. We loved waking up on The North Shore which feels super local, chilled and countryside. Here is lot’s to do and a great holiday spot if you are planing a trip to Hawaii! Fergus loves to surf which is one of the reasons why we picked this place since Sunset Beach by Pipeline is where you in the winter time find the worlds biggest waves. When we arrived the surf season was just over unfortunately – but we did get one day of fun surfing.

    Every morning we woke up we walked by the beach to Sunrise Shack where we kick started every day with a tumerric bullet coffee. Our bullet coffee would keep us going until lunch where we then would go to Haleiwa for the best Acai in town! I already miss our morning rituals – but soon we will create our own in our new place in London, which also will be magical (although less tropical, haha!).

    Today I want to share with you some cute swimwear looks. I am this season very into a swimsuit especially with some cute simple details like ruffles, buttons or an open back.

    Can you believe that I was so stressed when I packed for our trip that I only packed two white swimsuits with me in total? (And white swimsuit are not the most practical since the get dirty so easily) I mean.. What was I thinking, haha. 

    Swimwear trend this season: This season the swimwear trends is all about floral prints closer to wallpaper than actual nature, geometric prints, one-pieces like the one I have been wearing on this trip, rainbow-grade stripes (would have been perfect here in Hawaii), ribbed fabrics (LOVE) and the trend I love the most is ruffled details or accented statement shoulders like on my white Zara swimsuit I am wearing on the photo above. I bought it in Honolulu and I have pretty much been using it every single day.

    27th juni 2019



    Adorable! You are looking stunning in all looks. These are the awesome ways to style with the swimwears. I really like this article and can’t wait to try these styles. Thanks and keep sharing.

    Adorable looks! These are awesome swimwear. Photos are really awesome. Love all pics. Thanks for sharing.

    El post es genial y las fotos, preciosas
    Besos y te esperamos

    These photos are breathtaking! Just a adore all your picks! x

    Glad you like it! Thats so sweet of you to say love <3 Means a lot to me.

    Biggest hug