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    The Perfect Night Robe

    “Decide every morning that you are in a good mood!”

    The older I get the more I’ve realised how important  a good nights sleep is! I am terrible at sleeping in – that rarely ever happen, I just don’t know how. My family have never slept in either, so it’s in general not something my family is very good at, haha. I have therefor got better at prioritising going to bed earlier. The moment I star to feel tired in the evening I go and get ready for bed. The mistake I used to make was to go to bed when I felt over-tired, and then it was suddenly even harder for me to get a good nights sleep because it would take me forever to fall asleep. 

    We are moving in the the colder Christmas month and it’s all about hygge and loungewear. There is nothing better than having a whole day running round London and then coming back home and jumping straight into your comfy and soft loungewear. I have always made sure to have some good loungewear clothes that both look good but feels dreamy. 

    I just got this beautiful, girly and quite romantic robe gifted from Victorias Secret. I love the details and the colour combination. At home I will wear it with some cosy loungewear trousers and snuggely slippers.

    Cosy loungewear for home hygge:

    Here you see some more cosy looks for chilling at home. I adore H&M home when it comes to both their interior and loungewear:

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    Lots of love
    Your Isabella xxx

    20th november 2019



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