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    Time to put myself first

    “While self-care is sometimes written off as being selfish, taking care of yourself is essential!” 

    My angels, those of you who’ve seen my latest instagram post know that I yesterday traveled 12 long hours to come back home to Denmark to spend a few weeks here focusing on myself, my work, close friends and family till my man and I can finally move into our new London apartment. 

    I need some stability and routine in my life in order to move forward with my work, and the absolute best place for that is at home with my family here in Denmark. I am filled with gratitude for everything my family does for me. Knowing that they are always only a flight or phone call away. The door is always open no matter when and what time. I have always loved coming home, and it will forever be my favourite place in the world for rediscovering myself. From the moment I drive across the bridge to Sønderborg, it’s like I can breath again. I feel lighter and I know that no matter what, here is the place to gather all the loose ends.

    I hate feeling selfish, but I have learned that prioritising yourself and at times putting yourself first is necessary and extremely important in order to stay in balance. If we keep putting others first we get lots, we feel tired, and in the end after a while we have nothing left to give back, because we fill run down, empty and lost.

    I have felt that before – actually just a couple of months ago after our month of traveling the world, so when I one week ago felt like that again I knew it was time to come home.. 

    Opening the window this morning.. Looking out at the ocean. Taking a deep breath. Closing my eyes and listening to the birds.. I was home!

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    I feel that it’s often embarrassing to admit being exhausted. We always need to seem like we have it all worked out. Having lots of time and energy for others, for work, for the gym etc. But it’s not always like that, and that’s okay too! 

    I follow the most inspirational mother both on her wonderful blog and Instagram. Her name is Amber and write this amazing blog: Barefoot Blond. I have written about her before, and if you don’t know about her, then you must check her out, she’s such a power woman!

    She shared such a good reminder in her stories a couple of weeks ago which really made me think about how I prioritise my time. And it reminded me, that we are all humans, and we must learn to treat ourselves with respect at gratitude. If we are constantly punishing ourselves over not doing and accomplishing enough every day, in the end, we risk to make ourself depressed and feel less worthy.

    In her stories she wrote something like this:

    “Every day I want to be the best mother I possibly can, the best partner, I want to call and reply back to all my friends, I want to read books, cook healthy and new recipes, write new inspiration blogposts, be a good business woman, I want to work out, spend less time on social media, write more, be more outdoor and do more self-love and the list kept on going..”

    Then she wrote that it was physically impossible to accomplish that every single day. But today she wanted to focus on two of the most important things, and that was to be a good mother and a loving wife..

    That almost brought tears to my eyes when I read that. All these things that she wrote down is things that I, and most of us can relate to, and all over social media we are daily spammed with images and reminders that we could be doing better. We could be reading a book instead of scrolling though Instagram. Why are we not spending time outside or going for a run instead of laying on the sofa..

    Gosh it can be stressful to live in our social media world where we constantly get bombarded with how to improve, what to do to look better etc. Sometimes all I want to do is just to escape from that world, which is why I try to only follow accounts that whenever I go on social media I follow people there can inspire me and put a smile on my face.

    You are enough, and we are doing enough! Let’s cheer for each other and inspire each other to be kinder to ourselves.

    Taking that recovery time to be just you. Just having one or two focus points a day is healthy.

    Today I want to focus on these two things:

    1. Be a good sister and daughter, and fully be there with my lovely family that I have missed more than words can describe.

    2. Work hard on my jewellery line, which need time, focus and lots of hard work 

    What’s your main two focus points for tomorrow?

    Lots of love your

    5th august 2019



    Hi Isabella,
    I was reading your blog and this entree really got me as I felt very identified. That hapoened because of many similarites in life. For example, I lived alone in London for many years while my family was in Perú, where I am from, You just can imagine how I felt being without my loves one around me. Thanks for sharin your stories, You have a follower in Lima Perú.