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    Tuscany with my family

    My dearest followers! With a 10 hour time difference and a massive jet lag I am writing you todays blogpost from Canada. Fergus and I have both dreamed of travelling traveling to Canada for years, and now we are finally here. We arrived in Vancouver the day before yesterday and with one of Fergus closest and oldest friends, his lovely wife and little adorable 8 month old daughter Frankie we yesterday arrived in Tofino on Vancouver Island.

    It’s so stunning here, being surrounded by the most gorgeous green nature and stunning surf beaches. I can not wait to show you guys everything we are up to. Yesterday we arrived quite late and both Fergus and I were still super jetlaged, but the boys managed to go surfing and we had a great evening in with the little princess 

    Today’s blogpost images are from our lovely trip to Tuscany with my family a couple of weeks ago. A week with my family was so needed for me at that point, since it’s been years ago since we were all away on holiday together. At that point I’ve been away on some busy trips, so it was nice with a little break far away from everything with the people I love the most. We went to our charming house in Tuscany which is located close to Vinci town, so I of course had to take Fergus to Da Vinci’s birth town and show him the amazing Da Vinci museum. I have been there a couple of times, but it was still good to be there again and to show Fergus what a remarkable intellectual individual  Vinci was. 

    In Italy we got the chance to spend lots of quality time with my family. Every day I miss waking up with them, and here I got to do that for one whole week. Lucky me! 

    Look at this adorable photo I photographed of my beautiful mother. Isn’t she just super adorable? Yesterday it was mothers day, and I send her a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers to surprise her, since I couldn’t be there with her. In my family we are way too terrible at celebrating anniversaries, mothers day, fathers day etc. 

    I believe that every day you should appreciate what you have, but especially now when you get older you start to realise how beautiful is it to celebrate these days.

    We had some exciting days exploring Florence on electric bikes, visiting Lucca (such an amazing and charming place where Fergus and I would love to spend a month or more!)

    One day we even had a talented private chef coming to our house cooking us a beautiful three course meal. It was such a fun and exciting experience which we will definitely do again.


    Lots of amazing moments in our garden with home cooked meals, table tennis and every evening my mother and I would sit with a glass of wine watching the men play football tennis. Moments like these I always think to myself how very lucky I am to have such a healthy and loving family!

    Lots of love your girl
    Isabella xxx

    15th maj 2019