A little glimpse into my daily life

    What a surprise

    “She smelled of sun and daisies with a hint of river water!”

    Happy Friday my lovely followers! I hope you’ve had a great week. I have had a good week actually, full of workout, work, good food, quality time with my man and important me-time. We have also had one of Fergus friends staying for 3 days which was really nice.

    I have gotten much better at prioritising myself and what makes me happy, and listening to what my body needs. I have actually join a barre studio here in London. It’s quite expensive, but I go every single day, and I have join an unlimited membership, so now I can go as often as I want – and it feels amazing! Every class takes about 50 minutes, and afterwards I feel better than ever. I join a class every morning and I’ve got completely addicted to it. I used to go 3 times a week for about 5 months, and I am so happy that I have finally decided to join a membership there instead of going through ClassPass. I have gotten much better at barre since I joined my first class, and I have actually considered to become a barre instructor end of summer when I get really fit and even better. 

    The idea of becoming a barre instructor motivates me a lot, and I think it will be really good for me. It’s a great and fun way to come out, take my mind of blogging and my social media job and socialise with other wonderful woman with a passion for sport and staying fit and healthy.

    I have joined a class every day this week, and I feel more fit than I’ve felt in years. Barre class gives me such a joy and I sleep much, much better at night.

    This weekend I am planning on working hard on my upcoming jewellery brand, spending lots of time with my man AND then we have the pleasure of babysitting my lovely friends dog. It’s the most adorable little malteser. She is going to bring it over in an hour or so, and Fergus and I are super excited since we ourself have been discussing getting a dog.

    We are just waiting for our landlord to give us a green light – and then we are planning on getting a miniature golden doodle. I hope with all of my heart that they say yes!

    Today was a special day. As you might have guess after looking at the photos, I got a sweet delivery today from the wonderful Marc Jacobs. I am thrilled to have teamed up with them, and as a surprise to welcome me into the Marc Jacobs Fragrance family they send me these stunning flowers and the lovely Daisy fragrance. I have been using the Daisy since I was a teenager – it’s a must have for me. It’s sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet, refreshing and very summery. AND then I just love the design with the daisy flowers. For sure a fragrance there will look stunning on your bathroom shelf.

    Getting to work with Marc Jacobs is a bit thing for me! It’s a brand I adore, and actually my first ever designer bag was from Marc Jacobs, and I will never forget the day I bought it. I still have it and every time I use it I smile.. 

    Thanks to you – for your support and love, I get to work with these brands that I admire, and I hope you know how grateful I am for every single one of you. I bloody love you guys..

    Happy weekend my angels! Hope you’ll have a wonderful time <3 

    Lots of love your
    Isabella xxx

    28th februar 2020